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  • 11/23 Sector-A, Vasant Vihar, Ujjain (456010)
  • 91-8878661222

Our Story

Founded in 2015, and registered as Oxygen Web, has quickly risen as one of the preferred IT Company in industry and built a reputation for high quality services and proven results.Oxygen Web is an IT company where technologies meet creativity. It is listed among the rapidly developing companies. We believe that these are the key factors to make delightful products. In practice it means that engineers works closely, under one roof, with designers and thinkers to come up with the best possible solutions.We tried to make very high-quality product and so our code is very neat and clean. Whatever anyone could improve and modify the template to your liking.

Our services


To satisfy our clients using leading technologies, maintaining quality, delivering on time & within budget; managed by a talented pool of professionals who are motivated by perfect execution and successful results.


To develop and deliver high-quality software, networking & project consultation services and provide superior support to clients and create a result driven professional IT solutions company.

Team Work

Oxygen Web strongly believes that only team work is the source and reason of addressing challenging tasks and projects. We, the team, always go beyond the Expectations for your satisfaction.


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We provide solutions that makes your business stronger.
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UI/UX Design

Our expert team brings digital ideas to life with beautifully executed, creative User Interface design.

Web Apps

We create effective customized software solutions for corporate concerns from various industrial backgrounds.

Mobility Solutions

Get high-performance, profit-attracting and custom mobile apps. Take your app ideas to a new level.

Digital Marketing

Online Marketing is the key activity for optimising and improving the visibility of website to drive the business.

Meet Our Team

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latest news

What IoT means for India?

August 22, 2017

You may have heard the term “Internet of Things,” being used lately, but do you truly understand the meaning behind it? It’s a developing ...

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Android O is now Android Oreo

August 22, 2017

Google has finally revealed what the “O” in Android O stands for, and it’s exactly what we all predicted: the “O” is for...

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Few Hadoop Facts

August 22, 2017

Where there is Big Data, there is Hadoop and vice versa. With Big Data analytics becoming as big as they have, Hadoop has become a mainstay in the tec...

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Static Website

  • non editable website
  • Home page
  • 5 Page Website
  • Basic design
  • Navigation system
  • .in Domain(Free For 1 year)
  • 100MB Web space (Free for 1 year)
  • 1 Email Id
  • Clients logo will be used
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Dynamic Website

  • editable website with control panel
  • Home pages
  • 7 Page Website
  • Basic design
  • Navigation system
  • .in Domain(Free For 1 year)
  • 300MB Web space(Free For 1 year)
  • 1 Email Id
  • 1 Inquiry Page
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Shopping Cart

  • online shopping website
  • Home pages
  • .in Domain(Free For 1 year)
  • 300MB Web space(Free For 1 year)
  • 1 Email Id
  • 100 Product upload
  • Manage New Products
  • Product Catalog
  • Access special rates
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11/23 Sector-A, Vasant Vihar,
Nanakheda Ujjain M.P (456010)